Home Office

Customization is the key here to create a space that functions well, looks good, and is efficient. While home offices in Columbus have some basic needs like counter top and file storage space, an office set up to your exact needs will make a big difference in your output. Some of the more popular things we have been doing recently include putting the printer ( and other equipment) behind doors or in a drawer.. an under desktop keyboard tray, built in electrical outlets for charging phones, media and sample storage just to name a few.

More and more people are working from home now, and the number of Home Office spaces we are doing is rising dramatically.

Organizing the Office Space

Many people do not have a specified office space in their homes or even need two separate offices, in that case we can take a guest bedroom that is rarely used, install office cabinetry, and what we call a wall bed (or Murphy bed) which is built in to the cabinetry when the space is used as an office, and can fold down out of the wall to use as a bedroom when needed.