A few words about our pricing …..


Our pricing philosophy has always been to offer you the best value, product, design and installation available in the Columbus Ohio market area.. We have a free lifetime replacement policy on anything we sell and install, so we make sure we are selling the best materials and products available and installing it flawlessly. The average walk in closet that we sell and install is between $1500 and $3500 and the average reach in closet is between $350 and $850 depending on the size of the closet , materials and amenities chosen. Most jobs we do fall into that range .. If your closet is larger or smaller than average obviously it could be more or less.

Our competition:

Do it yourself online companies : ironically, their pricing is only slightly less (usually around 5% ) and you have to do the installation or hire someone to do it.

Retail stores that sell closet systems: they are priced similar to higher than us, and you have to do the installation, or pay someone which will cost more.

Home centers: the quality of the do it your self products is vastly different than ours and most other closet companies .. the systems they sell there would not stand up to our free lifetime replacement policy . Give us a call and we can go over the differences in detail.

Custom closet franchises : these are the companies you see ad’s for both online and direct mail, we fall into this category as well although we are not a franchise .. We are selling the same products from many of the same board and accessory manufacturers. When comparing apples to apples with these companies we are usually priced better, many times much better..

What we won’t do that several of our competitors do is run adds claiming that we are having a sale that is 30%, 40% or 50% off our regular price and giving you free installation … this is a sales gimmick and we don’t do business that way … what you really want to do is compare the actual price you are paying for an apples to apples design … then choose the company you prefer .. and by the way we don’t charge for installation . Finally as with anything, if someone is pressuring you to buy something today or the price is only good for today .. you will most likely not be getting a fair price ….

More questions ???? Please give us a call we will answer any question you have over the phone or in person.

American Closet