Custom Closet Finishes and Colors

Shaker Design

This classic, time-honored door and drawer front is a beautiful mix of traditional and contemporary. Made using a 5-piece structure this design can be used in any space, available in all 11 colors, Shaker will truly stand out within the style of any home.

Premier Design

Step into luxury with our exclusive Premier style doors and drawer fronts. Made using a 5-piece front imported from Italy the Premier Style is a perfect blend of elegance and sophistication. Available in 5 beautiful colors, Premier will be a perfect option to elevate any home.

Raised Panel Design

A traditional and classic design, Raised Panel features a beautifully constructed door and drawer front that is precision routed to create a simply elegant design. Raised Panel lends itself to any style whether it be a more traditional or modern look and is available in 11 beautiful colors.

Flat Panel Design

A truly modern design, Flat Panel is a door and drawer front that creates a sleek overall look to any home. With its crisp edge-banded finish this style adds a touch of modern sophistication to any home. Flat Panel is available in 11 unique colors.

Pillowtop Design

A beautiful and simple design, Pillowtop features soft-beveled edge door and drawer fronts that bring a subtle modern touch to any home. This unique design is available in 11 beautiful colors to compliment any style.

Modern Design

Simple and stylish with clean lines and minimal detail, this contemporary door and drawer front brings a sophisticated touch to any room in the home. Modern is a design that is easily customized to fit into any style.